The Department of Academic Success is the campus test center where SKC applicants take their college placement exams, prospective testers practice for their HiSET high school equivalency, and where students/community members take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) for various applications other than college placement. DAS’s facilities include a computer lab and two standard classrooms making a convenient study facility for SKC students.

HiSET Testing

The only High School Equivalency test offered in Montana.

Whether you want to pursue a career or attend college, earning a high school equivalency credential is more important than ever. Now there is an affordable alternative to the GED® test that offers you more choices — the HiSET® exam from ETS.

Placement Assessment

SKC applicants take their placement exams online through a simple process and completing a separate Math/Writing test . The whole process can be achieved in roughly an hour-and-a-half wherein the Math results are immediate, and the Writing results are available within two or three days. These results help determine a students’ placement in levels of mandatory college Math/Writing courses.