How do I propose a Class?

Submit the following through the form:

  • A resume that represents your unique qualification to instruct the class
  • A cover letter that discusses the level of interest and demand for the class in our community - Needs Analysis 
  • Class Description
  • Outline of the course
  • Pictures of the final product (If applicable)
  • Minimum and Maximum number of students for a successful class
  • List of supplies the student will need to provide (if applicable)
  • List of supplies that the instructor needs to provide and cost per student (cost will be included in fee) (if applicable)
  • Title, Author, Publisher, and ISBN of the required textbook if (if applicable)


What Happens Next?

Your proposal will be evaluated and discussed by the Department of Academic Success.  The course description and proposal may be accepted as is, modified to better suit student needs, put on hold if too many similar classes are being offered, or rejected.  All class proposals require final approval by the Director of Academic Success. If your proposal is accepted, you will become a part-time employee of Salish Kootenai College at an instructional rate of $30.00 per hour.  You will be compensated for your direct teaching time only. You will need to complete new hire paperwork and attend a new instructor orientation session.



8-20 Weeks prior to the proposed class date- Turn in the class proposal.  The earlier we receive the proposal, and it is accepted, the more time we have to market your class.
8-20 Weeks prior to the proposed class date- The course will be evaluated and if accepted, the dates will be scheduled.
7 Weeks prior to the scheduled class date- Meet with SKC human resources…...
7-1 Week prior to the scheduled class date- Check in at the Department of Academic Success.  Go through a new instructor orientation if it is the first time teaching for this department.


Submit To:

By Mail: Department of Academic Success- Salish Kootenai College | PO Box 70 | 58138 US Highway 93 | Pablo, MT 59855 | 406.275.4800.

By Email:



    • 10 hours of course time is equivalent to 1 college issued Continuing Education Unit (CEU).  Participants will be given a certificate of verification for the CEU. CEU’s provide a nationally recognized standard that documents the number of professional development hours completed by individual participants.
    • These are not transferable to college credits


  • Units are determined by the number of contact hours of instruction. Example: 16 hours + 1.5 CEU’s.


  • Reasonable allowances may be made for some activities such as lab assignments, field trips, and supervised study.
  • Academic Success will determine the units allowed.


How Are Fees Determined?

The Department of Academic Success sets an hourly fee for the class and depends on the type of class and the enrollment limits.  This fee is multiplied by the total number of hours of instruction. If supplies or equipment other than normal classroom resources are required, the fee is increased to cover the cost of these items.


SKC is Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


Core Themes of Salish Kootenai College

  • Provide Access to Higher Education for American Indians
  • Maintain Quality Education for Workforce or Further Education
  • Perpetuate the Cultures of Confederated Salish and Kootenai Peoples
  • Increase Individual and Community Capacity for Self Reliance and Sustainability


Salish Kootenai College Mission

The mission of Salish Kootenai College is to provide quality post-secondary educational opportunities for Native Americans, locally and from throughout the United States. The College will promote community and individual development and perpetuate the cultures of the Confederated Tribes of the Flathead Nation.