Highway Construction Training - Placement Test

The purpose of these assessments is to properly place you in your academic classes.  Your scores will reflect the courses you will be most successful in.  There is no benefit in trying to do better than your actual ability.  These assessments are to help you on your journey.

PLACEMENT INTAKE: Placement Assessments must be taken before registering for classes can occur.
We need to ask a few questions to create a profile for you as a student.  When your placement results are complete they will be placed with your profile and sent on to your advisor along with course recommendations.

MATH ASSESSMENT: This quick diagnostic will give us an idea of which math class is a good fit for you to be challenged and successful.

You will be asked for the following
Student ID Number (please use your cell phone number at this time)

* First Name
* Last Name
* Select Your Instructor (Please select      new student)
* Access Password - bison

In this section, you will provide a writing sample based on the prompt given.  Your writing will be evaluated in order to place you in the best English course.

After you complete your assessment your scores will be provided via email to you and your advisor.  Make sure you put the correct Major (HCT) down on the form so your scores are sent to the correct department.